Pass your G2 & G exams easily

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Practice before your Road Test and Rent the Road Test Car

Are you ready to start your Toronto driving school journey towards obtaining your Ontario drivers license? 


Whether it’s your first time behind the wheel, you just need extra practice before your test, or you’re a newcomer to Canada who needs to convert towards the Ontarian license; our driver training program can guide you towards booking affordable driving lessons led by a team of professional instructors who focus on the safety and skills needed to pass the Ontario G1, G2 and G drivers tests.

Call 647-713-4567 now to book your first in-car lesson. How do we book?

The first step is sharing where you’re at in your driving school journey. Never gotten behind the wheel before? Driven a few times but need more experience? Confident driving abroad but need to get your Canadian license?

From knowing your experience level, we can create a custom schedule and lesson plans that will help you to develop good habits on the road and the confidence to be a responsible independent driver in the near future. 

Our team will match you with a driving instructor. An instructor will pick you up at the designated time and location you provide, to get you behind the wheel seated next to them. They’ll ensure the experience and guidance required to gain fluency in operating a vehicle, following road rules, navigating traffic and communicating where you want to go!

Are you ready to tick another goal off your list? Give yourself the gift of getting closer to where you need to go by contacting us today for more information at or by phone at 647-713-4567.

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